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Current Job Listings

For anyone applying for jobs with Lion Rinnovations you should know a few things about us:

Mission Statement-

  • To bring God glory by the way we deliver projects and treat people.

Core Values-

  • Respect – No one person has a higher eternal value than another.  Customers, co-workers, and everyone else will be treated with respect regardless of circumstances.
  • Teamwork – Our mission is bigger than ourselves and it requires a team of committed people with varied talents working toward the same goal.
  • Innovation – We are always looking for ways to do things/serve customers better. Ideas are expected and always welcomed.

We at Lion Rinnovations Inc. work hard to create a team environment that utilizes and acknowledges everyone’s individual strengths.  Every member of a team brings something different to the table and we work hard to put our team members in a position to fully utilize their abilities. Innovation demands that we create space for ideas to be shared freely, as we highly value our team’s ability to be inventive and creative. Lastly, we treat our co-workers, customers, and everyone with the utmost respect. No one of us has any more eternal value than another and people should be treated as valuable regardless of circumstance or position.  This is the culture of Lion Rinnovations Inc.

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